The Sedona Collection

Luxury Firm. Plush. Ultra Plush.

You Decide.

Sedona Luxury Firm cutout image

Sedona Luxury Firm

Starting At Only $549

“A perfect example of the homemade PB&J Sandwhich”

The Sedona Luxury Firm, made with premium gel-infused memory foam and PowerEdge Wrapped Coils for the unique comfort. With a 10.5″ profile, the Sedona Luxury Firm mattress can be shipped right to your doorstep.

Sedona Plush cutout image

Sedona Plush

Starting At Only $649

“This is the best excuse for why not to pick up the phone.”

The Sedona Plush, made with premium comfort foam, gel-infused memory foam, and PowerEdge Wrapped Coils. With a 13″ profile, The Sedona Plush Mattress is the perfect mattress for those who prefer a mattress right in the middle of softness to firm.

Sedona Ultra Plush cutout image

Sedona Ultra Plush

Starting At Only $749

“This feels like a marshmallow that can support a building..”

The Sedona Ultra Plush, made with PowerEdge Wrapped Coils and premium copper-infused memory foam that dissipates heat and provides added anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. With a 14″ profile, The Sedona Ultra Plush Mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who loves a softer mattress that still offers superior support.

College Student Special

Go back to school with the best. Includes Mattress, Foundation, and a Bed-in-a-Bag Sheet set Bundle. All delivered directly to your doorstep at no extra charge!

Top-Quality Guaranteed

We personally test each and every one of our own products to ensure that our customers are able to get only the finest of bedding.


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