The Mattress Center Warranty Information

At The Mattress Center, we make sure that we offer mattresses that have been tested countless times so that we may ensure our customers with a flawless mattress. This practice is actually our main deciding factor when it comes to which mattresses we choose to offer. Saying this, each of the mattresses that we offer are handmade, which leaves the possibility of a potential defect among them. In this case, we ensure that we will give you our most effort to efficiently and effectively provide you with a new mattress so that you may begin sleeping as good as you did on the first night of your mattress. Just follow these steps below on how to begin the warranty process, and we’ll make this a seamless experience for you!

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Step One

Ensure that your law-tag(located at the head of the mattress) is still intact. If this is missing, we’re unable to warranty your mattress since we wouldn’t be able to identify the mattress. Also, be sure to find your dated proof-of-purchase. Each of these requirements must be presented from the original purchaser.

Step Two

Find the Manufacturer of your product below